Agilink (EDI and Network Services)


Agilink accepts all data formats including ANSI ASC X12, UN/EDIFACT, XML, flat files, proprietary formats, and other business application formats.

Receive and Deliver

  • Agilink offers a wide range of connectivity options for you as well as your trading partners.
  • Agilink prides itself on making it easier to do business with others and we accomplish this many ways. Assume your route of communication is in AS2, but your trading partners want you to use email or a spreadsheet or even FTP, Agilink will deliver your message to your trading partner with their preferred method of communication.
  • Local or global, Agilink will deliver data directly or through another network.
  • Deliveries are made to your specifications whether they are real time, event-driven, or scheduled transmissions.

Multiple Deliveries

Agilink enables you to send information to multiple receivers via multiple channels and in multiple formats.

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Translation Services

Data Translation

  • Our hosted service allows customers to send data in any format, including X12, EDIFACT, XML, and proprietary formats and we translate the inbound file to the format required by those receiving it
  • We offer translation services of EDI from one version to another. Whatever formats the sender and/or receiver specifies
  • Each formatted translation is specific for each customer and transaction set

What does this all mean?

  • Transentric replaces all translation software and its associated costs
  • Purchase, renewal, and maintenance costs are eliminated
  • No longer a need to create maps for various versions or standard formats
  • Testing periods are reduced
  • Adding partners is easier
  • Your company supports only your internal system

Data Integration

Benefits of Integration

By allowing Agilink to host and manage your data integration process, we provide the foundation, expertise, and the results you need to achieve the competitive advantage of a streamlined supply chain.

Our services have been developed so that you have no difficulties incorporating them into your current business processes and systems. In addition, we can create web-based solutions to meet your business requirements. With Agilink services there is no need to buy any additional hardware or install software. Our in-house design and development team is highly knowledgeable, experienced, and available to ensure that you receive the outstanding customer service you deserve.

Agilink provides full integration and translation services that allow you to maximize the cost saving benefits and increased productivity of an integrated data solution. Our job is to provide you with solutions and the support you need for ultimate achievement: from the design, through testing, and the implementation process. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced data entry errors
  • Reduced charge-back costs
  • Reduced invoice errors
  • Simplification and increased speed-to-market for new items

Hosted data services

Agilink allows you to send one EDI format and we will map to meet those one-off formats that are more difficult to support. Agilink offers the ability for you to capture and/or warehouse information as it is transferred via our network.

Ready to convert your current network provider to Agilink?

We handle conversion of the existing trading partner relationship jointly with your company.


Connectivity Options

Connectivity Options

Transentric supports one of the widest range of messaging connectivity methods in the industry. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Frame Relay connections from multiple providers
  • Internet connections
  • MQIPT - MQ series
  • VPN
  • Outbound fax
  • Hosted web applications
  • Inbound and outbound email (SMTP)
  • Dedicated leased lines
  • SSH
  • ANX
  • FTP or FTP with PGP encryption
  • All major Value Added Networks

Features and Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Exchanges and translates messages in real-time, to and from any format
  • Provides excellent value by facilitating the exchange of information electronically between small, medium and large companies, no matter the individual level of EDI or e-Commerce sophistication
  • Reduces internal programming requirements and costs with an integrated solution that easily and quickly connects you with your trading partner
  • Removes the need to purchase separate or expensive software to integrate with trading partners
  • Replaces and renders messages in real time, into any format
  • Maximizes your existing e-Commerce ROI by electronically enabling your non-EDI suppliers' and trading partners' entry into your existing trading community
  • Interconnects with all major Value Added Networks (VAN's)
  • Allows you to easily retrieve stored messages

Key Features

  • Real-time messages in any format (EDI, XML, etc.)
  • Connects with all major Value Added Networks (VAN) such as Kleinschmidt or Sterling
  • Allows easy retrieval of stored messages
  • Provides a totally integrated solution that eliminates the need to convert your proprietary formats

Saving Time, Money and Resources

Agilink manages your transactional data, including messages like:

  • Bills of lading
  • Purchase orders
  • Requisitions
  • Invoices
  • Location messages
  • Shipment information
  • ETA's
  • Inventory levels

Agilink helps to alleviate distress within your business, and enables you to focus on your business' core. Its innovative messaging connects you with your trading community by allowing transactional data to be exchanged with any partner in any format or protocol.

It works with your existing systems, with quick, non-invasive implementation, requiring no software installation or maintenance. It gives you the information you need to make quick management decisions and lets you stay focused on your core business instead of on-going data management and integration issues.

How Agilink Can Save You Time, Money and Resources

To learn the true cost of using a VAN, you must add the cost of the VAN to the cost of transmission, while also including the cost of translation software and maintenance. Agilink, however, is a complete solution, offering both transmission and translation functions within our network with minimal cost to your organization. For less than the cost of a VAN and transformation software, Agilink provides you with a complete solution. An in-house solution is also possible, but requires extensive resources and process commitments.

If your business does not utilize electronic messaging at all, you may have a whole staff dedicated to managing phone and fax messages and manually entering the data, which adds time and expense along with an increased probability of error.

The Flexibility of Agilink

Agilink gives you the ability to link with trading partners, regardless of the message format or message volume of sender to receiver. Messages are accepted in any format and transmitted over any protocol, from flat files, to EDI, to XML. This is particularly beneficial when customers require a change or update to your existing messaging formats in order to maintain a business relationship with them.

Any change you make, from upgrading your computer system, to switching trading partners, to altering the way you want to send or receive information-can easily be managed. Transentric does the work for you by maintaining maps and business rules specific to your needs. This makes you incredibly responsive to your trading community. In real-world terms, it means you won't be in a crisis mode all the time. Agilink easily adapts to every situation.

Transmission Formats

  • EDI X12 (any version of the EDI ASC Standard)
  • EDIFACT (any version of the Western European EDI Standards)
  • Flat Files
  • XML (Extensible Markup Language)
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Web site Data Entry

Transmission Message Protocols

  • AS2
  • HTTP/HTTPS (Web)
  • Web Forms
  • Frame Relay
  • VAN Interconnects
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • FTPSSH (Secure FTP)
  • VPN (with triple DES)
  • IBM MQIPT Series
  • SMTP (email)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of using a Value Added Network (VAN) vs. handling messaging within our company?

Most companies with whom you exchange electronic messages with today have different legacy operational systems. These range from "off-the-shelf" software to very complicated internally developed systems. The differences in these systems can create formatting and communication barriers to exchanging electronic messages. One of the purposes of a messaging service provider is to eliminate these barriers by providing connectivity and message transformation. Additionally the purpose of the VAN is to provide access or connectivity to the trading partners with which you wish to exchange data. The VAN you choose should also manage these trading partner communities to relieve you of that task. Finally, the capabilities of the VAN you choose should allow you to avoid the cost of personnel, software and hardware to manage and facilitate electronic message exchange.
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How are Agilink services different from those of a traditional VAN?

Our solutions add value to a message, rather than just transferring bytes from place to place. In message processing, Agilink translates the message, applies customer business rules, validates data, and creates audit trails. With over 10,000 active trading partners, we also offer a very large trading community that allows us to eliminate many issues with establishing and maintaining a trading partner community for your business.
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How do I send messages electronically?

At Transentric all you need to do is tell us what trading partners you need to connect with and what type of format in which you need to send and receive messages. After that, we do the work for you. If mapping or in-network transformation is required, we provide that service so that you don't need to acquire and maintain additional software. We also maintain the connectivity and establish any new connectivity you require for your trading partner community.
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Do I still need a VAN if I have translation software?

Depending on the needs of your company, in most cases a VAN is needed to provide the connectivity to your trading partners, while the software is simply a means for message transformation. Other traditional VANs provide connectivity for trading communities and require you to purchase translation software from another vendor. If you choose Transentric as your VAN, no additional software is required for message translation. Transentric performs this for you on an ongoing basis with no extra recurring charge for translation.
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Does Agilink offer after hours support?

Yes, you are supported by a network that moves millions of transactions daily and monitors them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff operates with a system of standards and alerts to make sure that your trading community is always connected. If there are service issues, we will work proactively with you, your trading partners, or the responsible communication carriers to obtain prompt resolution. In addition, our support desk is available to field any issues or concerns you may have.
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Do I have to be in the transportation industry to use Agilink?

No. Agilink can provide solutions for companies in any industry. In fact, the majority of our trading partners are outside of the Transportation industry.
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Does it matter what size company I have?

No, Agilink provides solutions for any size company. Large companies have many connectivity options and we can provide mapping and translating capabilities. We also provide solutions for small to mid-sized companies.
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Does it matter how many trading partners I have?

No, the number of trading partners is not a factor in the solutions Agilink provides. We have customers of all sizes that have both small and large trading communities.
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How is Agilink priced?

We offer flexible pricing and are willing to do a comparative analysis for your company at no cost. We offer both flat pricing and tier-based pricing models.
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What is "in-network transformation" and why is it important to my business?

In-network transformation means that Agilink performs the message translations within our own systems. You send us the message in whatever format is easiest for you, and then we "transform" the message into the appropriate format for your trading partner (e.g., X12, EDIFACT, XML, and proprietary flat files). By allowing us to do this, you don't have to worry about investing in any software, servers, maintenance fees, and staff to develop the message transformations and run the equipment. All you have to do is tell us the participants in your trading community. We do the rest! In-network transformation saves you time, money, and the headache of maintaining your own solutions.
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How secure are the Agilink services?

Agilink's legacy systems are completely secure and allow you to send and receive messages anywhere, depending on the receiver's requirements, even if another system isn't as secure.
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Is there a disaster recovery site?

Yes, we have an active-active disaster recovery and two independent business recovery sites. Our systems ensure your ability to continue doing business in the case of uncontrollable events.
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My company does not need message transformation for every trading partner. Will I be paying for services that I do not need?

No, there is no additional charge for messages being transformed. For our customers that do not need any type of transformation, we offer that service as well at very competitive pricing. Transentric offers a suite of Agilink solutions with different features, in order to meet our customer's diverse needs. For example, Agilink Relay offers a unique solution for companies who need connectivity to their trading partners, but don't need the full Agilink Service that includes message transformation. See our Products page for more information about our suite of solutions.
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Will we receive training on Agilink Messaging when it's implemented?

No. There is no training needed. Setting up your trading partner network is simple and easy. The Transentric team works with you to define the messages you want to exchange with each trading partner. We then work to map the messages so Agilink can speak to each trading partner in their format. For common message types, connectivity can be achieved in a matter of days. For more complex or unique applications, Transentric will develop a project plan and handle the work for you.
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What relevant experience does Transentric have?

Transentric has a proven track record with 25 years of success in transportation EDI and operating systems. Transentric prides itself on its solid reputation and its experienced staff. Transentric has extensive domain knowledge in transportation operations and the connectivity needs of carriers, shippers and third parties in the transportation arena. In addition to transportation, shipping and purchasing transactions, we are able to handle any other type of transaction you would like to communicate electronically. Our staff has a deep understanding of business rules and messaging priorities, allowing us to provide you with excellent service.
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