Company Overview

Transentric is a subsidiary of the Union Pacific Corporation

Transentric was formed to create and manage solutions that enable secure, reliable electronic connectivity and intelligent message management.

  • Our core purpose
      Make it simple for organizations to do business with one another
  • Absolute Dependability
      We are there every day generating innovative ideas and making things happen for our customers in better, faster ways
  • Passion for Results
      Our passion is creating highly usable solutions to incredibly difficult problems
  • Customer Commitment
      Our customers are like our partners, and we are committed to their success

  • These words will remind us what we're supposed to do when we come to work every day. If our day-to-day actions and decisions aren't moving us further towards this purpose, we are not doing our job.

    Our Company

    Transentric ensures:

    • Real-time visibility into messaging flow
    • Data to make informed business decisions
    • Integration of a business with its customers and suppliers
    • Every transaction is audited, acted upon, and archived

    Transentricís products create solutions that enable business-to-business communications without the need of any unnecessary changes in their procedures or any additional capital investments.


Transentric is a premier business-to-business messaging solution provider.
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