"Transentric has been our VAN service provider since the beginning of our operations. During all these years Ferromex  has  benefited with the skills and deep knowledge of their team members in railroad processes for VAN services. Every time we want to incorporate a new messaging process or VAN communication functionality, Transentric has been very helpful to achieve our goals."
-Oscar Macías, IT CIO

"As a member of the ADIMS Team for over 10 years, I've worked with many VANs. Several of them could fulfill the generic needs of their customers, but none as efficiently and cheaply as Transentric. Their staff is always available with solutions to many of our more interesting problems."
- Eric Stumpf, Director - Automotive Technology & Process Improvement

"Transentric has always played a pivotal role in the successful integrations with both our OEM customers and our extensive carrier network. In every endeavor I can count on Transentric's wealth of industry knowledge, diligence, accountability, and professionalism. If Transentric is on my team, I am assured of a successful outcome."
-Dawn Mahmoud, Senior Sys Consult

Transentric is a premier business-to-business messaging solution provider.
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