About Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Transentric can convert IVR phone calls to EDI messages and provides data rapidly at a low cost. IVR data transferred to EDI can be critical to streamlining your companies messaging processes to get the most available information with no manual entry.

What is IVR?

Transentric has the ability to turn IVR, interactive voice response, messages in to an electronic format. IVR data transformed to EDI is critical to streamlining companys' messaging processes to get the most available information with no manual entry.

How IVR Service Works

  1. The customer determines the desired transaction and defines variable fields to be input by IVR
  2. Transentric develops a script for carrier approval
  3. The system creates and tests messages
  4. The carrier instructs field personnel on the IVR process
  5. Field personnel submit transactions using IVR
  6. Agilink translates the information into a complete EDI message for the carrier

IVR Service Costs

IVR Service is delivered at a small incremental charge, reducing carrier expense, delay and error in obtaining transaction information.

There is a one-time setup fee that covers licenses required for IVR and text-to-speech software. This fee is based on the expected number of phone ports needed and language requirements.

Monthly service charges include a flat monthly service fee to cover software maintenance and long distance phone charges. Message processing between IVR/Agilink and Agilink/Carrier is billed at a contracted kilobyte rate.


Features and Benefits

Key Features

  • Real-time transmission of vital transaction data
  • Works best when most of the message is formatted and repeatable
  • IVR is used to fill in key variables and complete the transaction
  • Security options are available to protect vital information
  • The telephone is used to transmit information
  • Data can be input using voice or keypad
  • Toll-free access to Agilink system
  • IVR system reads back input and asks for confirmation to improve accuracy
  • Services available in English or Spanish
  • Agilink translation to electronic message
  • Complete electronic message delivered in your format in real time

Key Benefits

  • Available from any location with telephone service, no computer required
  • The system reads back data to confirm accuracy
  • Multi-lingual voice prompts and input
    • Currently available in English and Spanish
  • Security options are available
  • Low cost



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