ORISS is a Web-based system that efficiently facilitates the exchange of invoices and purchase orders between you and your suppliers.

ORISS is a central website used by rail industry suppliers for receiving purchase orders and submitting invoices with customers. ORISS allows suppliers who do not have the electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities to comply with e-commerce requirements. To begin using the ORISS system, you first must contact your customer railroad, and they will issue you a User ID.

Some of the customers using ORISS are:

  • Amtrak
  • Burlington Northern Santa Fe
  • Canadian National
  • Canadian Pacific
  • Norfolk Southern
  • RCL Wiring
  • TTX
  • Union Pacific

ORISS Services

ORISS with Purchase Orders and Invoicing: Designed for suppliers who both receive purchase orders and submit invoices over the internet. This service requires a yearly service fee.

Features and Benefits

Key Benefits

As a supplier, there are several advantages to using this online resource including:

Easily Manage Business Relationships
  • ORISS allows suppliers to manage relationships with all customers from one website

Easily Create Invoices and Receive Purchase Orders
  • ORISS gives suppliers the ability to create invoices directly from purchase orders and save templates for routine invoices.

No need to change existing computer systems
  • By using the ORISS system, neither suppliers nor customers need to purchase expensive software, or change their existing computer system.

Low Subscription Fee

  • Suppliers are able to send and receive all of the messages they require for a reasonable service fee.

Key Features

Three important features of ORISS:

Highly Secure Site

  • The ORISS system provides a secure site protected by a User ID and a password. Competitors cannot see each other's purchase orders and invoices.

Fast Communication

  • ORISS provides suppliers with real-time communication between the site and customers using Transentric's services. Purchase orders are available immediately after being placed by the customer. Invoices are fed directly to customers' systems without delay for processing.

Standardized Format

  • Purchase order and invoice format has been standardized for all participating customers.

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