About VendGuard

VendGuard is a vending machine solution to control supply and distribution of supplies, tools, safety equipment, etc. It combines real-time access control and neutral third party data management to deliver accurate records. VendGuard customers can automatically manage the delivery of supplies and achieve significant cost reduction, liability control, and process improvement.

VendGuard provides access to supplies, parts, and tools using vending machines. These machines are all controlled from a central location over the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. VendGuard reduces wasting of supplies, cost control, and historical data that can be used for supply management and liability protection.

For more information visit www.vendguard.com

How it Works

  • An employee keys in (via the keypad on the vending machine) a unique access code and password or swipes their badge, then selects the desired item
  • The request is instantly sent to VendGuard via the Internet for verification of employment status and budget authorization
  • Approval is returned instantaneously to the vending machine and the authorized item is vended
  • If the vend is denied, the user is notified immediately by the display on the machine, and the system stores the reason for the refusal in the database
  • The VendGuard database is readily available for Web inquiries, standard reports, and user-defined inquiries
  • Machines provide self-diagnostic data for 24/7 system monitoring by the VendGuard staff

Features and Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Provides real-time access for employees via an easy to use full alphanumeric keypad or badge scanner
  • Allows instant web-enabled access and control for management to set, raise, or lower usage dollar limits
  • Reduces supply usage and increases employee productivity
  • Holds individuals accountable for every vending transaction made
  • Maintains historical records as a neutral third party, reducing your exposure to future litigation regarding safety
  • Uses automatic and remotely self-diagnostic equipment, with auto service alerts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Key Features

  • Simple, durable machine built to withstand the harsh environments of any industrial setting
  • All machines are linked to one central database
  • Automated replenishment of inventory using electronic messaging networked directly into your supplier's order entry system
  • Unique keypad can drive as many as three cabinets to deliver up 180 sections and 5400 items
  • Long-term service/rental programs at a fixed cost

Additional Services

  • VendGuard provides numerous on-demand customizable reports and assistance with creating special reports
  • Reports may be automatically emailed on a scheduled basis
  • On-site installation and equipment training
  • Website setup, ongoing software training and updates are included with our service program

The Specification and Requirements

VendGuard cabinets are designed without internal computers; they are built with parts common to the entire vending industry. This allows VendGuard machines to be installed and maintained with relative ease. A basic power outlet and internet connection will have your machine up and running in no time.

Electrical Requirements:

  • A 120 volt outlet must be polarized and grounded within 3 feet of the equipment

Network Requirements:

  • Standard Ethernet 10Base-T with a female RJ-45 connection at the machine's location

What can you actually vend?

Here are just a few of the many items that VendGuard machines can distribute for your company:

  • Medicine
  • Ear plugs
  • Hearing Protection
  • Batteries
  • Gloves (Surgical or Utility)
  • Etc.



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